10 lipca 2014

Badanie korupcji w sektorze opieki zdrowotnej

Study on Corruption in the Healthcare Sector (HOME/2011/ISEC/PR/047-A2) October 2013 
The fight against corruption is currently one of the priority areas for the European Commission (EC). The EC has adopted a comprehensive anti-corruption package in June 2011, which includes, among others, the publication of a bi-annual anti-corruption report, which evaluates the MSs’ efforts against corruption. The survey was conducted between February 18 and March 8, 2013 in the then 27 EU Member States and Croatia.Companies from several sectors including health care were surveyed.
Nie są to wytyczne, ale warte jest przeczytania.

The overall impact of corruption in healthcare on society and on individuals is (much) larger than the monetary value of the sums involved. Corruption in healthcare may, among other, lead to a provision of services or procurement of equipment and drugs at above market prices. It may lead to low quality in the provision of healthcare services. It may threaten the goal of universal health coverage and increase inequality in health status between socioeconomic groups. Corruption in healthcare may lead to a non-optimal allocation of health budgets. It may also lead to market distortions and
distrust in provisions of services by the government.
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